Pastor Pabody

Pastor Doug Pabody is the pastor for our english speaking services. He has been apart of New Life ministries for the past couple years and became our pastor in early 2019. 
Pastor Doug and Jo Ann Pabody were married in 1979.  They have four married children: Anna Holt (Brian), Laura Ryan (Jim), Michael (Amanda), and Erin Sweitzer (Logan).  They have 8 grandchildren. 

They were in campus ministry for 10 years, focusing on the evangelism, discipleship, and local church involvement of students at Ball State University, and international student ministry at Ball State and the University of Indianapolis.  They have served in four churches in Indiana and Ohio. 

Pastor Doug’s ministry has had a strong emphasis on corporate prayer, solid biblical preaching and teaching, discipleship, and soul care.  Pastor Doug’s passion is local church ministry with like-minded leaders, all committed to building churches of strong, godly, fruit-bearing disciple-makers with a vision to impact the local community and the people groups of the world; to raise people up and send them out in Jesus’ name